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Environmental Impact Report Shows Significant MPS Contribution to Reduced Energy and Emissions

 Managed Print Services can help companies drive environmental strategies
Lexington, KY – June 15, 2009 –While cost has been a key driver for adopting Managed Print Services (MPS), significant benefit can also be found in terms of reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint through MPS adoption. This is the message in the “Environmental Impact Report” from the Photizo Group.

“The environmental impact of having more devices under MPS contract is huge – not only from a savings of electricity, but also avoidance of greenhouse gases,” said Photizo Group Founder and CEO, Ed Crowley.
“Our estimates are conservative, since we believe the final numbers for electricity consumed and CO2 emissions equivalents would be truly amazing. We hope this will interest more companies in using MPS engagements to reduce energy costs, CO2 emissions and drive environmental strategies.”
Managed Print Services agreements help to significantly reduce carbon impact by “right sizing” fleets.  A recent study by the Photizo Group of over 100 MPS engagements verified that the typical MPS engagement reduces the average concentration of imaging devices from two individuals to every device (pre-MPS) to less than one device for every seven to eight individuals (post-MPS engagement). This reduction in the device fleet has a tremendous impact on the reduction of energy use by the imaging fleet.

Laser printers, fax machines, scanners, multi-functional peripherals and other imaging devices use electricity whether running print jobs or not. The internal fuser must be rotated regularly, and a minimum heat level must be maintained to quickly print the first page of a print job. The constant use of electricity generates cost, and it results in CO2 emissions, which may increase greenhouse gases.

The Environmental Impact Report looks at the outcome if a percentage of the installed device base were put under MPS contracts. The total installed base at the end of 2007 is estimated at approximately 103 million monochrome and color laser printers, with print speeds between 4 and 91+ ppm. After estimating the installed base, the report then calculates total electricity usage, CO2 emissions, and comes up with equivalencies.

Total electricity consumed by these printers is almost 8 million kWh, and the total amount of CO2 emissions exceeds 10 million lbs/year. The energy consumption is equivalent to about 10 percent of the electricity required for the state of Wisconsin in a year.

With 11 percent of devices under MPS contract, the CO2 emissions that are avoided are equal to over 21 million propane cylinders used for home barbeques. Using another comparison, it has been projected the U.S. consumes 19 million barrels of oil per day in 2009. If an additional 11 percent of devices were under MPS contract (the projected growth rate over the next few years), then the U.S. would avoid the equivalent CO2 emissions of over 6 percent of a single day’s demand for oil.

For pricing and other information about the Environmental Impact Report, visit
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